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BREAKING: Josh Donaldson Reportedly Signing with the Twins (UPDATE)

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There it is: one of the major markers we’ve been waiting for since December. The Josh Donaldson free agency is over.

And, to the surprise of many, he’s joining the Twins:

We’ll have more on this as it rolls out, but the immediate implications are obvious:

  1. The Twins were never seriously reported to be in on Kris Bryant, so by taking Donaldson off the market, they leave plausible Bryant suitors in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Washington (ish), among other conceivable places. This signing was very good for the Cubs’ Bryant market, theoretically speaking.
  2. With Donaldson now signed, that’s one less “wait for it” item on the Bryant trade checklist. Now the only big one remaining is the service time grievance, which could be decided any day now (or, you know, never). Whether Bryant prevails or not, the Cubs will likely get serious in trade talks as soon as the decision comes down.

If you love the Braves as a possible trade partner for the Cubs, just saying:

UPDATE: Interesting structure on the deal, which will make a big AAV difference if that’s a player option or a team option:

UPDATE 2: It’s a club option, so no fancy playing with the AAV:

If it had been a player option, the way it works is that the deal is treated as five years and $100 million (since the player is guaranteed that amount if he wants it) for the four years of the deal ($20 million AAV). But then if the option is ultimately declined, it reverts back to a four-year, $92 million deal, and the Twins get hit with an extra $12 million in “salary” for the 2024 season (the amount they “saved” during those four years), even after Donaldson is gone. *the more you knowwwwww*

Author: Brett Taylor

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