Sosa and the Hall, Javy's Arm, Astros Managerial Search, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Sosa and the Hall, Javy’s Arm, Astros Managerial Search, and Other Cubs Bullets

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I really did a poor job planning my CubsCon travel this year. My flight is scheduled to arrive tomorrow in the early afternoon, affording me very little time to do something critically important before I get to the Convention to start live streaming and what-have-you: get donuts from Do-Rite Donuts, across from Wrigley Field. They are sufficiently stupid good that I just cannot, CANNOT enter into the weekend without inhaling a few of those babies. But, man, it’s gonna be a sprint to make it happen.

Relatedly: if you’re gonna be around for the Convention, look for me wandering around in an Obvious Shirt, and come say hey! After the Opening Ceremonies on Friday, I’ll be at Lizzie McNeill’s, which is next to the Sheraton, having a very reasonable volume of beverages. Let’s be real life friends!

  • Imagine driving down the road, and suddenly Sammy Sosa calls you to talk about his Hall of Fame case. This is a great read:

  • Ultimately, my opinions on Sammy Sosa are largely unchanged – I still wish he and the Cubs could find a way back together for the nostalgia, I still think he’s shy of being an obvious Hall of Famer when you really dig into the numbers, I still think he more likely than not used PEDs, and I still don’t really find that to be a determinative Hall factor given the context at the time of a sport that was borderline encouraging it. I do wish Sosa’s importance to the Cubs and to the game – what he was for the sport in the second half of the ’90s – would get more love. But the reality is, the Ricketts Family has more or less been clear: Sammy is not welcome back into the fold until he speaks about what happened in the PED Era. I do wish he would speak about it, because we’ve already seen for so many players, just being open about the era has had a cleansing effect.
  • Javy Baez and Matt Chapman with the best infield arms in baseball – and Baez led at shortstop by a mile:

  • Various Astros managerial interview news, including Cubs third base coach Will Venable:

  • It does seem more likely than not that the Astros, if they hurry to hire a full-time manager before Spring Training, will go with a veteran manager on a shorter-term deal. It’s a helluva lot to ask of a young, inexperienced guy to go into that situation at all, let alone with almost no time to prepare AND no GM.
  • What in the world is this opinion? Coming from a Mets employee, to boot:

  • This amounts to blaming the guy who brought the cheating to light, because he instead should have just kept it private? Is that really a culture we should be underscoring? If there’s dirty shit happening in a clubhouse – cheating or something much worse – the idea that “it stays in the clubhouse” should absolutely not apply. Being on a team is not cover for serious misbehavior that impacts people outside that clubhouse. Maybe Mendoza was just caping for the manager of her team, who is firmly in the crosshairs for his significant role in the Astros’ cheating when he was a player.

  • Maybe it’s just my tinted glasses, but this is not a very impressive farm system:

  • I have jokes:

  • It’ll totally work, too:

Author: Brett Taylor

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