Willy Still Winning Conventions, Venable's Future, Darvish's Beef, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Willy Still Winning Conventions, Venable’s Future, Darvish’s Beef, and Other Cubs Bullets

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The third day of the Cubs Convention is here, with – among other things – the annual Down on the Farm panel this morning. Always nice to hear from the youngsters, and hear interesting bits from the development staff. That’s obviously of an even higher level of focus right now.

  • Willson Contreras remains the king of telling hilarious, profanity-infused stories at CubsCon:


  • You are reminded of 2018’s story about the time Jon Lester threw a pick-off to first. Still cracks me up.
  • Fresh off interviewing for the Astros’ managerial opening, Will Venable was immediately hit by a question from a kid at CubsCon – totally not put up to it by a parent or mischievous uncle – “Are you leaving the Cubs?” It got a laugh from folks, and then a cheer when Venable said “no I am not.” Venable later indicated to The Athletic that wasn’t meant as a signal that he didn’t get the Astros job. Instead, he was just saying that he’s a Cub right now, he’s happy to be a Cub, and unless that changes in some way, he’s not leaving.
  • Venable is unique among the other publicly identified interviews so far, and you’ll immediately see why: Buck Showalter, Dusty Baker, John Gibbons. Much more on Venable and his future here:

  • I’m … so sorry? For the … adversity? You … are facing? wut:

  • The Astros did a bang-up job of not saying anything good or productive or useful about the sign-stealing scandal from the player perspective, so you can expect the anger among other players to linger for a while.
  • Speaking of lingering beefs:

  • If you missed that hilarious drama, here you go. I really doubt there is going to be lingering hostility that we can see on the field, but obviously if things hit a little too close to home for Yelich, then I would certainly understand if he hung onto it a bit …
  • As for Darvish’s permanent connection to the Astros’ cheating that year because they blew him up in the World Series, he is still reserving a lot of his comments. I think broader point by Eireann Dolan, whose husband Sean Doolittle pitched in the AL West for many years, including the first half of 2017, really addresses well the potential depths of the player anger:

  • Carlos Zambrano has wrapped up his comeback bid, but he’s onto his next big idea:

Author: Brett Taylor

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