Dumping on the Brewers Because of a Childish Inability to Handle Emotions and Other Cubs Bullets

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Dumping on the Brewers Because of a Childish Inability to Handle Emotions and Other Cubs Bullets

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Welp. Gotta do these other Bullets now even while swallowing a white hot ball of rage about Nick Castellanos signing with the Reds. I guess I’ll dump on the Brewers for a few things.

  • We discussed Ryan Braun’s oddly specific denial – he said the Brewers haven’t ever even tried to send signs from second base – and his manager, Craig Counsell, seemed to dispute that, saying it’s a skill that should be part of the game. I don’t disagree with anything Counsell says here, but I do think it seems an odd way for a manager of a team that’s been accused of shiftiness to lay this out:

“I don’t see a need to bring it up [with the players],” Counsell told MLB.com. “Look, I think what happened is the league had to make a tough call. [The Astros] crossed the line on the rules. It’s unfortunate, but it has to be done. There’s competitive people in this job, like in every job, but you still have to have your ethical flag in the ground and understand where those lines are. It’s unfortunate, but the league had to address it.”

Counsell added, “It’s a line, you know? And sometimes the lines get grayed, and technology can gray lines, especially. But there is a way that is within the rules to decode signs that I don’t think should stop. It should be part of the game. It’s skill that should be part of the game. Players and coaching staffs and front offices looking for advantages, that’s part of the game. That’s allowed, that’s legal, that should be allowed. It should be encouraged. And we’ll still encourage our players to find advantages in legal ways.”

  • Just saying, based on the comments, one or some of these three things is the reality:

  • More Brewers, as they are expected erstwhile closer Corey Knebel to return this year:

  • What the Brewers will have in Knebel remains to be seen, not only because of the Tommy John surgery, but also because his career has been one absolutely obscene season (2017) mixed in with solid and meh seasons. If the Brewers are going to be right back up there this season – particularly as the Reds look better and better and the Cardinals look no worse – they’re going to need the bullpen to once again be killer (as well as needing Yelich to post another 7+ win season and the infield mix to work). On paper, right now, I wouldn’t argue with anyone who says the Reds and Cardinals look to be ahead of the Cubs and Brewers.
  • The A’s are very optimistic about a resolution to their stadium problem, which would set the stage for serious expansion and realignment talk in baseball:

  • Kris Bryant, Hall of Famer:

  • This weekend’s tragic helicopter accident also touched on the baseball world:


Author: Brett Taylor

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