FFFFFFFFFUUUUUN: Nick Castellanos Reportedly Signing with the Reds (UPDATES)

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FFFFFFFFFUUUUUN: Nick Castellanos Reportedly Signing with the Reds (UPDATES)

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This weekend’s reporting had the air of something that was going to happen, and sure e-f**king-nough, it’s happening.

Nick Castellanos to the gd Reds:

Given the way the market has developed, I’ll be shocked if Castellanos gets a HUGE contract, but obviously I hope he did.

Castellanos will be a regular in the now-crowded Reds outfield, and he is likely to be a huge bat in the middle of that lineup, too. He will make hay at that ballpark. I am extremely angry that this has happened, even as the rational and logical part of my brain knew all along that a reunion with the Cubs was unlikely. I still wanted to somehow will it into reality.

And if Castellanos wasn’t going to return to the Cubs, I sure as shit didn’t want to see him wind up on another NL Central team – an NL Central team that has aggressively added this offseason and looks poised to compete at the top of the division.

All while the Cubs have stood almost entirely idle, servants to a still-undecided service time grievance and a plan that apparently absolutely required them to shop Kris Bryant before anything else of substance could proceed. Have the Cubs been screwed a bit this offseason? Sure. But did they screw themselves this offseason by way of a number of decisions and processes the last few years? Absolutely.

Castellanos was a perfect fit for the Cubs’ lineup. A perfect fit for the Cubs’ ballpark. A perfect need for the Cubs’ clubhouse. A young free agent. And he wanted to return.

UPDATE: Castellanos is getting four years, so this isn’t a pillow contract:

UPDATE 2: Depends on when the opt-out(s) are, but this might prove to be a really nice contract for Castellanos to have flexibility:

Of course, it’s also a very reasonable deal for the Reds even at 4/$64M, so it doesn’t reduce my anger.

UPDATE 3: Just random ranting:

UPDATE 4: OK, this reduces my rage EVER SO SLIGHTLY, because that’s a very nice get for Castellanos:

So it’s only one-year, cheap deal for the Reds if Castellanos rakes and opts out (but then they get to make him a qualifying offer, so he’d REALLY have to rake) … but if he disappoints, they’re on the hook for the full $64 million.

UPDATE 5: He just keeps getting more opt-outs. Good for him:

Author: Brett Taylor

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