Red Sox, Dodgers, Twins Agree to Trade Involving Betts, Price, Maeda, Verdugo, More (Plus Dodgers-Angels Side Deal)

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Red Sox, Dodgers, Twins Agree to Trade Involving Betts, Price, Maeda, Verdugo, More (Plus Dodgers-Angels Side Deal)

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Well, sir. At long last, after the very first serious rumors about superstar Mookie Betts popped up in October, a deal might actually be happening here in February.

And it could see the Los Angeles Dodgers, already a freaking monster of a club, adding one of the best players in baseball:

Obviously a deal will necessarily shake up the National League, but also could have trickling effects on the trade market (and the remnants of the free agent market). Given that many assumed a deal would happen on Betts this week, it’s not unreasonable to presume it could be holding up some other activity, especially with Spring Training starting next week. Could be a wild next few days.

For now, though, I’m all ears on the Betts trade. It’s really wild that one of the best three or four players in baseball is going to be traded from a contender to a loaded team in his final year before free agency. I totally get why the Red Sox are doing it (per their explicitly stated directive to get under the luxury tax this year), but it’s still crazy to see. Makes you wonder, too, how aggressively the Dodgers would try to extend him this year before he hits free agency. We know he’s looking for Mike Trout money, so it might be a tough sell.

UPDATE: Well, things are getting nutty, folks:


UPDATE 3: The trade is happening:

UPDATE 4: And, yeah, there’s definitely a Mystery Team involved, too, and that could be where Price ends up:

UPDATE 5: And also more, right? Because even if the other player is a young stud, and even with the money considerations, this is not enough:

UPDATE 6: The third team is the Angels, and they’d be getting Joc Pederson (wow):


So I guess, strictly speaking, it would be a three-teamer between the Dodgers, Red Sox, and Twins, with a second trade happening solely between the Angels and Dodgers if the three-teamer goes through. But it still kinda feels like a four-teamer, and that’s more fun anyway.

UPDATE 8: And now Kenta Maeda might be involved:

UPDATE 9: Wow, Graterol is a stud:

UPDATE 10: But increasingly, it is kinda sounding like that’s it for the Red Sox? Even if you love Verdugo and Graterol, that’s gonna be tough to sell Red Sox fans as the return for Mookie and also paying half the freight on Price, as reported.

UPDATE 11: The Dodgers-Angels side deal, which will create some serious crowding in the Anaheim outfield:

Author: Brett Taylor

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