Try Again in London, Scouting Prospects in This Era, Hinch and Luhnow, Hilarious Umps, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Try Again in London, Scouting Prospects in This Era, Hinch and Luhnow, Hilarious Umps, and Other Cubs Bullets

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‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ is The Littlest Girl’s preferred show right now, and since we can’t go anywhere, I am being exposed to it every single day for at least some period of time. Know the show? A feature is that they sing these little short hooks to help kids remember to try new food or wash their hands or whatever. They are like 10 words/notes long, and they sing them repeatedly throughout an episode. And since The Littlest Girl really likes to watch the same ones a lot, I have about four of those little songs devouring my brain. “Ev-ry one … is big eeee-nough, big enough to do SOME thing!”

  • Cardinals Chairman Bill DeWitt says he hopes the cancelled Cubs-Cardinals London Series can instead shift to next year or some year after that. We don’t know what the world is going to look like next year, but for all the negative sentiment about all things normal for the rest of this year, it does seem more likely than not that treatments and testing for COVID-19 will be in a place by early next year (at least) that international travel and events will probably not be an issue in June/July of 2021. So that is to say, it’s really going to be more of a question on whether MLB wants to stage the event and if they want to give the Cubs and Cardinals another shot. The desire to grow the sport internationally isn’t going to stop because of a lost year.
  • With the MLB Draft now expected to proceed in limited fashion in July, likely without the benefit of any additional games being played (and maybe not even any scouting showcases), teams will at least be able to start getting back in touch with prospects soon:

  • What a crazy scouting process it’s going to be this year for teams. Yes, for some guys they’ll have gotten very early eyes on back in February and early March, and for others there will be some historical scouting. But a lot of what you can do is just gonna be like … hey, how have you been doing through this process? What’s the guy’s makeup like? What does our best analytical data and modeling tell us about the possible future projections for his arm/bat/etc.? I would bet we would see a whole lot more huge misses and huge later-round successes than usual, and if the draft is only five rounds, we might also see a handful of undrafted guys (who can sign for only up to $20,000) because super-stud prospects.
  • This might not look like much, but the phrasing here could arguably subject all of MLB’s investigatory materials to discovery:

  • Now, just because material becomes discoverable by the parties in a case doesn’t mean it will become public information. But obviously there’s going to be a huge appetite out there among fans and media to know exactly what happened behind the scenes with MLB’s investigation of the Astros’ multi-year cheating architecture.
  • Separately on that whole thing: the year-long suspensions for A.J. Hinch and Jeff Luhnow will end after this year regardless of whether a season is actually played.
  • This was awesome, and is also why you don’t hear too many mic’d up umpire moments, because there’s just a lot of potential for stuff we’d LOVE to hear, but MLB probably doesn’t want us to hear:

Author: Brett Taylor

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