Start Your Day by Going Behind the Scenes of Jason Heyward's Walk-Off Grand Slam

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Start Your Day by Going Behind the Scenes of Jason Heyward’s Walk-Off Grand Slam

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I hadn’t necessarily intended on making it an every morning thing, and it definitely might not be going forward. But the other day after I’d shared the Aramis Ramirez walk-off against the Brewers on social media, I woke up in the morning not doing so hot. So I just kind of instinctively wanted to go back to that play for a minute – and wrote it up here at BN.

Last night, I shared an in-crowd look at Jason Heyward’s walk-off grand slam against the Phillies a couple years ago, and in the spirit of the same positive start to the day, I figured we could let that be our emotional alarm clock for the morning.

The in-crowd shot via former Bears tight end Zach Miller:

My favorite fun fact from that moment, at the time it happened: Jason Heyward was hitting just .139/.205/.139 off lefties before that swing. He had not only been brutally bad, but he didn’t have a single extra-base hit of any variety. Bonus? Phillies lefty Adam Morgan hadn’t given up an extra-base hit to a lefty yet this year either. That outcome could not have been less probable.

And, if you’ve got a little more time, enjoy the Cubs Productions video going behind the scenes of how it all came together:


Author: Brett Taylor

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