Who Was Your Favorite Recent NON-Champion Cub? Also: Bryants Compete, Guessing Pitches, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Who Was Your Favorite Recent NON-Champion Cub? Also: Bryants Compete, Guessing Pitches, and Other Cubs Bullets

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I know that it’s quarantine cliche at this point, but I still have to mention a bit of pride: yesterday, The Wife asked me to make some spinach ravioli we had in the fridge, but I realized that we didn’t have any sauce. So, I looked around at what we did have, and figured I could just make my own sauce. Found a recipe, sautéed some onions and garlic, crushed some canned tomatoes, added thyme, basil, oregano, bay leaf, and salt, and boom, it was a seriously good marinara!

  • Can’t decide what is the best part of this video, and you’ll understand when you watch:

  • OK, this thing is extremely fun:

  • And he’s right about it being surprisingly difficult. I was terrible the first go-round, and it took me a minute to figure out how I could be getting so many pitches wrong. Turns out, when you don’t have pre-existing context for what a pitcher’s arsenal looks like, a four-seamer can look a helluva lot like a cutter; a slider can look exactly like a curveball; a sinker can look like a whole lot of things you didn’t expect! Give me one with just Cubs pitchers, and I swear I’d get them all correct! (Except for Yu Darvish, who throws 10 pitches, many of which have so much funk and varying velocities you just won’t get them right shy of asking him.)
  • I was having some fun yesterday with this one, and I figure folks in the comments will want to offer their own:

  • Had to be with the Cubs, right? I choose to believe it was with the Cubs, and it makes me chuckle.
  • On a more serious note, can you imagine being a player Kwang-Hyun Kim? I hadn’t thought about it until reading this MLB.com article with comments from Cardinals President John Mozeliak, but this is a guy who lived and played in South Korea for his whole life, decides to come to the United States, arrives in a new country for Spring Training and then the pandemic strikes, with all the extreme uncertainty that accompanies it. His family is still back in South Korea, and he has remained in the States for now. It’s not exactly easy to travel.
  • This is enjoyable:

  • Michael had some fun with this one:

Author: Brett Taylor

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