The Ultimate Bae vs. Ballplayer: Ian Happ and Emily Rizzo Battle for the Heart of Anthony Rizzo!

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The Ultimate Bae vs. Ballplayer: Ian Happ and Emily Rizzo Battle for the Heart of Anthony Rizzo!

Chicago Cubs

Okay, folks. It’s the Bae vs. Ballplayer you’ve all been waiting for: Ian Happ v. Emily Rizzo.

In this episode, Happ squares off against Rizzo (mother of Kevin!) to see who knows Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo best. And, oh boy is it a good one. On top of learning whom Rizzo thinks is the better cuddler, driver, and jokester, this episode delivers more than one Ian Happ smile! It’s basically got everything!

Also, today I learned that Anthony Rizzo and I share the same pet peeve *and* greatest fear. We’re basically best friends already, he just doesn’t know it yet.

Check it out:

Here are the questions as the appear in the episode.

Round 1: Questions from Anthony

  • Question #1: Who is my favorite musical artist?
  • Question #2: What is my biggest pet peeve?
  • Question #3: What was my worth subject in school?
  • Question #4 What is my biggest fear?
  • Question#5: What is my favorite thing to spend money on?

Dying in a plane crash, sharing deodorant

Round 2: Questions from Ian and Emily

  • Question #1: Who is a better dancer?
  • Question #2: Who is a safer driver?
  • Question #3: Who makes you laugh more?
  • Question #4 Who is less likely to be late for an important event?
  • Question#5: Who are you least likely to get into an argument with?
  • Question #6: Who is a better cuddler?

Round 3: Pop-Quiz Round (Rizzo’s preferences)

  • Question #1: Dance at a wedding or stay seated?
  • Question #2: Bungee jump or swim with sharks?
  • Question #3: If not baseball … football or basketball?
  • Question #4: Marvel or Star Wars?
  • Question#5: Carmel crisp or cheese popcorn?
  • Question #6: Will Ferrel or Tom Cruise movie?
  • Question #7: Chicken wings or hamburgers?
  • Question #8: Married in December or January?
  • Question #9: Water park or camping?
  • Question #10: Bae to win or ballplayer to win?

Good stuff. I feel like I know Rizzo better than ever.

Author: Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami covers the Chicago Cubs, Bears, and Bulls at Bleacher Nation. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami