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Rizzo Takes His Lumps for the Team, Fun With Darvish Slow Curve, and Other Cubs Bullets

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I can’t thank you all enough for the extremely kind and thoughtful words about our site update yesterday. I meant it: you are the folks who make this place work, and who make coming here every day worth it.

• Anthony Rizzo is many excellent things, and among them? Dude takes a beating for the sake of getting on base:

• Since Rizzo started his move in toward the plate in 2014, he’s accumulated a whopping 132 HBPs. To put that in context: you probably think Rizzo walks a lot, right? I mean, he’s got a VERY healthy career 11.2% BB rate, so, yes, he does. But over that same span where he accumulated 132 HBPs? He had 457 walks. That means he was adding a HBP for every 3.5 walks. That’s insane. It’s like his walk rate is ACTUALLY closer to 14(!)%.

• Oh, and yes, Rizzo is miles away the league leader in HBP since 2014. He’s also got a friend in the top 10 (who joined the league a year later):

(via FanGraphs)

• Props to Derek Dietrich and Brandon Guyer, though, for as often as they get hit despite much fewer PAs than Rizzo. Guyer had a season back in 2016 where he got hit in nearly one out of every 10 plate appearances.

• More from Dempster and Rizzo’s conversation here at Marquee.

• We feel you, Pat. We feel you:

• More on the awesome fundraising experience going on in MLB (with appearances by Anthony Rizzo and David Ross):

Here’s where you go to check the whole thing out at Fanatics.

• The pitcher and the hitter involved had some fun with this tweet:

• For the record, I knew it was Trevor Plouffe, but I didn’t want to call the guy out by name for … missing … so … badly. He was a good sport about it.

• The Bears went nuts on transactions yesterday, releasing Trey Burton, signing another O-lineman, and signing another kicker.

• The Eero mesh wi-fi system that we use is on a big sale at Amazon right now if you’ve been looking to check out (in my opinion) a huge upgrade to the traditional router approach. #ad

• Also, if you missed our state of the state situation here at BN, check it out if you’re interested:

Author: Brett Taylor

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