All Things Cubs Uniforms: The All-Time Greats, The All-Time Uglies, Whatever Else You Got

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All Things Cubs Uniforms: The All-Time Greats, The All-Time Uglies, Whatever Else You Got

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At this nadir in sports content, you will see a lot of stretching out there to find things to talk about – no ball-hiding here, this post is that.

Worse, this post wasn’t even MY idea for one of those bits of stretching. I saw this tweet from the Cubs Authentics account and I had some thoughts and questions:

So, first of all, for me, the answers are right there on the left side, if I’m left to choosing only three among only these nine. The classic pinstripe look is best, and then I freaking loved the Little League Classic look, plus the white-with-red-and-navy-accents is among my favorite types of Cubs throwbacks. And the late-’30s one Rizzo was donning was really close to my favorite.

Number three just ain’t it for me – together with pretty much any of the recent ones that have that thin-block-style writing. Number nine, I gotta say … I’ve always loathed. Also, almost anything with the walking bear. Also, last year’s all-white Player’s Weekend unis. Gross.

But when you go through the full history of Cubs uniforms, for me, after the pinstripes, you don’t get better than this 1932 set (via Tribune):

So, which Cubs uniforms through the years are you throwing your weight behind? Do the nine in the tweet cover your needs? Do you prefer the much older looks?

How about this 1911-12 set, also via the Tribune:

Those are pretty awesome, I gotta say. I *believe* the Cubs have worn that road look in recent years for a throwback game? It’s not immediately coming to me, but I feel like I can picture Rizzo in it.

All right. Head down to the comments and have at it. All things Cubs uniform discussion.

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