I Have Seen the Trevor Plouffe Tweet, and I Have Some Thoughts

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I Have Seen the Trevor Plouffe Tweet, and I Have Some Thoughts

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This is going to blow up quickly, so I wanted to make sure I shared it here in a way that we can discuss carefully.

The word from former big leaguer Trevor Plouffe:

In his post-playing days, Plouffe has been involved with a number of really enjoyable and interesting alternative media endeavors, so this isn’t entirely out of his wheelhouse.

The timeline Plouffe offers squares with the calendar math we worked out earlier today, but today is a whole lot earlier than I would have expected any kind of decision to be in place. And I have to confess, I’m gonna hold back on presuming that the decision is actually in place, with all due respect to Plouffe. Also note, Plouffe does not quite say that the DECISION has been made – just that he’s heard it’s going to happen.

If I had to offer my best guess, this plan is probably being very seriously discussed, to the point where players who are involved in these kinds of union-level talks are hearing it. It might even be to the point where it’s going to be brought to all the players for a decision, and that’s how it is funneling its way to Plouffe, who undoubtedly still has friends in the game. Moreover, the whole thing might be contingent on states opening up, testing increasing, etc., etc.

That is to say, I don’t doubt that Plouffe has heard this plan from those in the game – it fits with everything we heard last week – but I’d pump the brakes just for a moment on feeling like we know that this has DEFINITELY been decided.

Stay tuned.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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