Passan: MLB Expected to Present Players with a Plan in the Next Week or So (UPDATE)

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Passan: MLB Expected to Present Players with a Plan in the Next Week or So (UPDATE)

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ESPN’s Jeff Passan was on SportsCenter today to offer the latest on what he’s hearing about the possible restart of Major League Baseball’s Spring Training, and then, theoretically, an Opening Day thereafter.

Passan confirmed what Ken Rosenthal reported this morning: yes, some teams (the Indians being one of them) have given their players a heads up on possible target dates – earliest possible, is how Passan put it – with the message “get ready.” The message, however, is *NOT* “get ready because we know we’re going to report to Spring Training Part Two on X date.” It’s something more like “get ready to get ready, because it’s possible we’ll be reporting for Spring Training around June 10.”

The most important thing Passan added, from my perspective, is the expectation that MLB will come to the MLB Players Association with a plan in the “coming days to a week plus.” Yes, that’s some seriously flabby language there, as Passan understandably hedged. The point is that Passan’s sources say the expectation is about a week or so for the initial “plan” to make its way to the MLBPA for discussion and approval.

The best guess is that the plan will indeed roughly match what’s floating out there now (which, again, you can calculate on your own by just looking at the calendar): Spring Training Part Two starts around June 10, Opening Day target is around July 1. My guess is that the plan is going to call for Spring Training Part Two to begin at actual Spring Training facilities, because Arizona and Florida are a little more open right now than many other states, and also because Spring facilities have so much more usable training space for a large group of players. But that’s just my guess.

Either way, I *GUARANTEE  YOU* that the plan will have all kinds of outs and caveats and adjustments and what-have-you built into it. It will be as soft and flexible as a “plan” can possibly be, because so much might change in the coming weeks and months. MLB can’t risk locking itself into a course that it cannot later change, lest it risk starting things up and then having to entirely shut down for the year. They are going to want to be able to start up, pivot as necessary, pause or delay, etc.

So, stay tuned. Something approximating a “plan” could come out soon.

UPDATE: A confirmation from Joel Sherman and Ken Rosenthal that a proposal is coming:

Author: Brett Taylor

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