At Least One Player Rep is "Confident" a Deal Will Eventually Get Done Between Players, Owners

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At Least One Player Rep is “Confident” a Deal Will Eventually Get Done Between Players, Owners

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Sharing bits of optimism about the MLB season requires two obligatory caveats up front: (1) there’s still a long way to go between here and there, with plenty of risky hurdles in between; and (2) national health and safety remains the top priority.

But, in a landscape understandably covered almost exclusively by a mix of uncertainty and pessimism, I’m gonna share the good stuff when I see it. You know, after those two caveats.

So, the good news:

Austin Hedges is the union rep for the Padres, and speaking with the San Diego Union-Tribune, expressed “confidence” that a deal is going to get done that would allow the season to begin, citing positive talks over the past few days.

Thoughtfully, Hedges added that while he’s not supporting the players taking less money than they agreed to in the interim deal, he does want both sides to frame their thinking the right way.

“Instead of everybody talking about both of us losing money, owners want to talk about how much they’re losing and players want to talk about how much they’re losing,” Hedges told the Union-Tribune. “I think everybody should have both in mind. Anything we do, the fact we’re all losing should be kept in mind ….

“What it sounds like to me (is that) at least the majority of guys really want to get this going. There are the handful of guys, you see it in the headlines, guys that are less for it. Most of those guys are speaking from a personal position — how it would affect them personally. The way we have to look at it is everybody is hurting. None of this is personal for one guy or a small group of guys. We’re trying to make something happen for everyone.”

Although we always knew that the financial battle would be a tough one, you get reminded at times that really, it’s the health and safety piece that SHOULD be getting the most intense, detailed attention. Even that still has a ways to go, from the last look at things here and here.

Yet it’s the financial battle that gets the bulk of attention for its ultimatums and standoffs. I guess I’ll just take one hopeful sign from a player rep who has confidence that a deal will get done.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.