Opportunity Coming for Cubs and Sammy, La Stella, Parallel Universe, Kevin, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Opportunity Coming for Cubs and Sammy, La Stella, Parallel Universe, Kevin, and Other Cubs Bullets

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I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines, because they grab your attention: some version of “scientists have discovered a parallel universe where time runs opposite our own.” The better headlines are more like this one: “Researchers Say ‘Upside-Down Cosmic Ray Shower’ May Be Evidence of a Parallel Universe.” Not as sexy, but more accurate, and still wut-inducing.

The EXTREMELY DUMBED DOWN VERSION is that scientists have known about certain high-energy, subatomic particles seemingly coming up out of the earth in Antarctica for a long time, which shouldn’t be possible, because these types of particles can’t pass through the Earth as they travel through space. After spending years ruling out other explanations, some now think maybe what they are actually observing is the particles traveling backwards … in time. And that would be possible, so the thinking goes, only if those particles actually belonged to a parallel, and perfectly opposite, universe. I wonder how Bizarro Brett is typing this same sentence right now? Upside down, eyes closed, inhaling carbon dioxide, and typing ?won thgir ecnetnes emas siht gnipyt si tterB orraziB

•   Given how much attention ‘The Last Dance’ received in the sports world, and given how much runway that’s going to create for the ’30 for 30′ docs ESPN runs for the coming Sunday nights, it’s not at all a stretch to suggest that the Sammy Sosa-Mark McGwire home run chase doc, which airs June 14, will also get more attention and generate more conversation than it might have in normal times. Consider also that it’s possible Spring Training II will have just kicked up that week, and the anticipation of baseball’s return might be extraordinarily high. 

•   … I mention that because obviously there is the long, long-standing separation between the Cubs organization and their former star over a variety of issues, not the least of which involve some ego/pride/stubbornness on both sides. Wouldn’t it be a very cool to somehow figure out a way to tie Sosa’s reunion to the doc and the return of baseball? Maybe that’s a bridge too far depending on the content of the doc, but it’s absolutely going to hit on the PED issues, which means Sosa will have a very natural opportunity to address them, finally, publicly, for the first time. Which means, in turn, the Cubs and Ricketts Family would have a very natural opportunity to welcome him back. Figure it out, and it’s a win for everyone, especially the fans who just want to be nostalgic about that era. 

•   Speaking of all of that, good question here from Jon Greenberg:

•   Imagine some kind of Marquee event on the reunion? You think that baby might do some ratings? 

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

•   The best Cubs pinch-hitters ever: 

•   Tommy La Stella’s pinch-hit game-winner in August 2018 against the Braves comes in for a shout:

•   Yesterday was the 14th anniversary of his fist having a very brief chat with A.J. Pierzynski’s face, and Michael Barrett spoke with Gordon Wittenmyer about what he’s up to these days as the Nationals’ minor league catching coordinator:

•   It sounds like Barrett is neither proud nor disappointed entirely in that moment. He knows he could have acted differently, but he was also responding in the heat of the moment. 

•   Joe at Obvious Shirts is such an awesome dude, because he SPRINTS to do things like this when someone needs help or someone has a good cause:

•   Speaking of Obvious Shirts, I am laughing at Anthony Rizzo lifting weights in his own dog’s Obvious Shirt:


•   Now that’s weird. I was just mentioning that I had ‘Sweet Caroline’ stuck in my head this week (in the baseball context, as it’s played every game at Fenway), and then one of the Cubs’ new organists tweets this out – like, I had no idea and no reason to know he’d played this last week:


•   Amazon has released a very small, and very cheap security camera. #ad

•   Two giant Cubs relievers having some fun:


•   With a big hat tip to Infield Fly Girl on Twitter, you must take a look at what happens when a team in Taiwan names an MVP for a home win (starts around the 45 second mark): 

•   The Pitching Ninja had some fun with that one:

•   This thing was SERIOUS event television:

•   And then they went and made it Maggie and it’s like who gives an eff. 

Author: Brett Taylor

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