Player Optimism, Baseball Timeline, Gordon's Gaffe, Darvish Handles It, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Player Optimism, Baseball Timeline, Gordon’s Gaffe, Darvish Handles It, and Other Cubs Bullets

Chicago Cubs

We are seeing The Parents each of the next two days for short visits, entirely outside, and entirely at distance. They want to see the grandkids, understandably, and at some point you do have to figure out a way to make these kinds of visits happen safely. So, thanks to the nicer weather, we can do it. Will be good for the souls.

•   We know that the players and owners are on course for a spirited negotiation this coming week, as the economic plan has been put together by MLB, and will formally be presented to the players and owners on Tuesday. There is some anonymous “optimism” behind the scenes that there will be a willingness to bend on both sides, and you can add some named optimism from Cardinals shortstop Paul DeJong.

•   Speaking with the Post-Dispatch, DeJong said on Friday: “We’re all expecting a season. America’s pastime can’t be held down forever …. Baseball players want to play. We’re going to have to go out there. I think the game is bigger than all of this. We have to do everything we can to preserve the game in its most natural state. If this means a temporary season like this year where we have to try out some new measures, I’m all for it because I know I want to play. Once we get out there, we’ll adjust. We want to stress that we’re ready to play, ready to go out there.”

•   An FYI on timeline, as we anticipate a deal isn’t going to get done immediately upon negotiations beginning:

•   That would mean a deal needs to be finalized by not this coming week, but the next week, in order to stick to the hoped-for timeline.

•   Just a couple outfielders chit-chattin’:

•   Jeremy Jeffress is doing more good:

•   Jeff Gordon’s shaky 7th Inning Stretch at “Wrigley Stadium” was 15 years ago today:

•   This makes me happy and also sad:

•   Speaking of Darvish, I had him on the brain, because he dropped this fantastic take on how to handle trolls, aka “crapmans”:

•   A very narrow cross section of folks would need this, but I’m one of them, and it’s a great deal, so I pass it on: a cheap USB-C adaptor at Amazon. #ad

•   Mets fans are rough:

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