"A War Zone Out There": Teams Are Apparently Releasing Tons of Minor Leaguers Right Now (UPDATE)

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“A War Zone Out There”: Teams Are Apparently Releasing Tons of Minor Leaguers Right Now (UPDATE)

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It’s typical at the end of Spring Training to see pretty significant cuts from an organization on the minor league side, and since we didn’t really have a normal Spring Training, some of those cuts were likely still pending. They were always going to play out in April or May or June.

But, unfortunately, we know that the situation is much worse than that. Not only do you have the pandemic shutting things down and eliminating revenues, you also have an MLB plan to remove upwards of 25% of minor league affiliations. It’s not official yet, but we know it’s coming. That plan is going to go through eventually.

That is to say, we know that huge volumes of minor leaguers are going to be released between now and the offseason, and it makes a lot of sense that teams would be doing it soon, since teams are committed to paying the players through May, and then have to decide whether to continue paying in June.

It sounds like that is indeed happening, and it is going to be horrible all across the sport:

Stay tuned for more cuts, because this is almost certainly going to happen for every single organization.

To that end, yes, it is absolutely about cost savings in the short-term – however small – but the sport is making a decision to have smaller minor leagues going forward. So there were going to be cuts eventually no matter what. I hate it. But it’s happening.

Still, seems like the humane thing to do right now would be not only to continue paying the small stipend to all of your minor leaguers through the would-have-been regular season (August), but also pay that same amount to the guys you’re releasing. Give them a chance to figure out what’s next. I know, I know. I’m spending other peoples’ money again.

UPDATE: It’s horrible out there.

Author: Brett Taylor

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