Listen, See, Speak Up or Accept It, and Less Important Cubs Bullets

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Listen, See, Speak Up or Accept It, and Less Important Cubs Bullets

Chicago Cubs

I wish I had something more useful or thoughtful to say than to encourage us all to care for each other, to be safe, and to truly listen to black Americans about their experience in this country. When the rest of us fail to listen or fail to speak, we are accepting a country where black people like George Floyd can be murdered in 2020 because they are black.

That means everyone with a platform of any kind in this country is obligated, among other things, to share certain stories. So I am.

In things much less important …

•   This was not a headline I expected to see, but this weekend has had flickers of optimism on the MLB/MLBPA front, so why not:

•   I’m not sure the headline totally matches the content of the article, but the article is definitely worth a read. Boras provides a little more context for his comments about how the Ricketts Family, among virtually all other MLB owners, have used debt to purchase their teams and then used team profits to pay down that debt. His point was primarily about the players making sure they have a picture of what “profitability” really looks like for MLB owners, not necessarily for him to encourage them not to negotiate.

•   Wood day, yesterday:

•   Kinda think this one might go to Bonds:

•   Found this image yesterday, and it’s pretty awesome to see:

•   Memories:

•   The Chicago Community Bond Fund is here.

Author: Brett Taylor

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