Players Responding with a New Offer: Prorated Pay for 89 Games (UPDATE)

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Players Responding with a New Offer: Prorated Pay for 89 Games (UPDATE)

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I’m not saying the players haven’t been aggressive in their asks during this negotiating process – they have been – but at least they’ve been prompt.

Just one day after MLB’s owners submitted a new offer (up to 75% prorated pay for a 76-game season), the players are already set to respond with a counter: in short, they’re taking their initial request of 114 games at prorated pay down to 89 games at prorated pay.

This offer will be rejected by the owners in part because it extends into October, though it’s worth point out that the gap keeps shrinking. The owners’ last offer essentially amounted to about 57 games’ worth of prorated pay. Now the players are at 89. The midpoint is 73, which is a length that actually could be completed before the end of September.

The players are also making one other huge concession:

The players appear to be negotiating in good faith. It’s time (well, it was already time, but it’s even moreso now) for the owners to step up, make a serious counteroffer (73 games, full prorated pay, expanded playoffs, extra player activities, and some deferrals).

UPDATE: A nice term here, too:

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