A New Proposal is Coming Today, Draft Ratings, Field of Dreams, and Other Cubs Bullets

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A New Proposal is Coming Today, Draft Ratings, Field of Dreams, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Our air conditioner died this week, which has been less of an issue the last couple days, but more heat is coming. Hopefully a fix arrives soon. (Not, like, magically – I mean, we have a tech appointment – I’m just saying I hope it can be fixed easily. I get sweaty.)

•   The players responded to the owners’ latest offer within a day, and now we’ve had silence for three days. Rob Manfred said that a response was being prepared back on Wednesday, but it’s not to the players yet. It’s annoying, it’s obnoxious, and it has felt like par for the course in these negotiations. As we’ve said, the owners and MLB know they have the right to mandate a short season at any time, and it has felt for weeks like that has been the idea all along: run out the clock on negotiations, and say you had no choice. We can’t know that for sure, and I doubt there’s universal agreement among all 30 owners, but, I’m just saying, that’s sure what it feels like. It would make for the absolute worst, least-hyped, most-hostile version of a return to the sport, and the total destruction of any of the goodwill the league could have built up during this pandemic. I am still in awe of the level of f***-up every time I type it.

•   In any case, Joel Sherman is probably right about this, even if the most obvious – and good for the long-term health of the sport – decision is to just offer to pay full prorated, TODAY, for about 70 games:

•   Sure enough, as I type, here’s what the offer is expected to look like:

•   If it’s like the last offer, that 80/85% of prorated (which the players might not accept anyway) won’t be guaranteed unless the playoffs happen. The sides reportedly have until next week to make a deal before the league will say “too late,” and impose its own short season.

•   More on how Theo Epstein helped lead the effort to get MLB directly involved in supporting Black Lives Matter before the draft:

•   An example illustration on how MLB teams can be “not profitable” or “not generate cash” while still being wildly good businesses for their owners:

•   I feel really bad for the community there in Iowa, but it’s impossible to see this happening:

•   Day One ratings info for the MLB Draft is in, though I’m not actually sure this is a huge increase when you consider it went from a limited-availability cable channel to one on every single provider (and still being on the old one, too):

•   When you consider the context of no sports, too, I’m thinking this is nowhere near where it would have been if there were a happy, pleasant deal in place to return, and the hype could have been building among the fans. Another opportunity missed by the sport.

•   Speaking of things that have felt much harder to get hyped about than if the sport were actually on its way back:

•   Go do a couple quick clicks and vote for the South Bend Cubs/Four Winds Field here:

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.