Cubs Prospects Getting After It, Historic Absence of Cubs Baseball, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Cubs Prospects Getting After It, Historic Absence of Cubs Baseball, and Other Cubs Bullets

Chicago Cubs

The first half of the Bullets, as it were, are over here. That’s all the holy-crap-baseball-is-really-shooting-itself-in-the-penis stuff. There was so much of it that I decided you might prefer I break all that away so that you could ignore it, and just have these other Bullets instead.

•   Hey, let’s get right out of the gate with something positive. Cubs prospects putting in work:

•   Rounding up, that’s Jensen hitting 100 mph right there. Giggity.

•   This history was going to be made either way, but it’s quite reasonable to say, without the money fight, players could have been in Spring Training Part Two by now:

•   This is so good (with appearances by Jason Heyward and Dexter Fowler, among many others):

•   Top Cubs pick Ed Howard, who is 18, is already eager to participate in improving baseball’s diversity and how it treats its players and communities. Look at some of these quotes at

“[Using his platform to be a role model is] definitely something I’m big on,” Howard said. “I’m big on not only being a great player on the field, but I’m also big on being a great person off the field. My parents are real into that. They push me to be my best self at all times. I’ll definitely be a role model. I’ll definitely do things the right way all the time. I’m excited to get over there to the North Side ….

“There’s a lot of African-Americans that can play. There’s not that many in the league right now, but I definitely think there’s a lot more coming. I’m a guy. This is my Draft day, so in a few years I’ll be there, but I hear what [Theo Epstein is] saying.

“I feel like what’s going on in the world is real crazy. We all have got to come together and realize that we’re all the same, we’re all humans. I feel like everybody should just get along. Everybody love everybody. So, I’m excited, man. I think creating diversity is good for baseball. It should be diverse.”

•   Teams that have made decisions on employees only through June are going to have to make decisions very soon, and they may have to do so without knowing whether there will be a season. The Astros appear to have done the right thing:

•   Recall that the Nationals were the organization that initially  was going to cut minor league pay  to just $300 per week through June, and were roundly shamed into changing course. Now, they’ve changed course even further:

•   The lesson there is not only that justified shaming works, but that organizations *can* see their mistakes, change course, and make things better. The flashing light couldn’t be brighter for MLB as a whole: you screwed up the negotiations with the players, but now you can fix it.

•   The craziest part of this moment was that it was 6’5″ Derrek Lee going up against 6’10” Chris Young. Just two enormous, enormous dudes getting angry:

•   Happy birthday to Kerry Wood, and an A+ on the glamour shot:

•   A heads up that the Echo Dot is 40% off at Amazon today (30 bucks). Also a huge sale on golf gear. #ad

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