REPORT: MLB and Players Close to a Deal for the 2020 Season (UPDATES: Deal Not Done Yet, but New Offer Submitted)

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REPORT: MLB and Players Close to a Deal for the 2020 Season (UPDATES: Deal Not Done Yet, but New Offer Submitted)

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Let there be baseball:

We’ll have much more, but it looks like this is coming out of Rob Manfred’s in-person meeting with Tony Clark.

UPDATE: Not so fast my friends, sigh:

My best guess is that someone got ahead of themselves with Heyman, believing that the new proposal – fully prorated and expanded playoffs – was GOING to be acceptable to the players (hence close to a deal), especially since it followed the meeting with Tony Clark. But we’ll get there when we get there.

UPDATE 2: This sounds pretty much like what I’m saying:

Now we wait to see if the MLB offer is *EXACTLY* what 99% of us said it needed to be weeks ago: 70ish games, fully prorated pay, expanded playoffs, minor other concessions here and there.

Possibly also a good sign? With previous offers, it didn’t take but 5 minutes for MLBPA channels to be out letting us know how absurd the offer was. Here … so far … silence … *fingers crossed*

UPDATE 3: Another thing everyone could see from the outside: if you don’t want the players to file a grievance, then you have to give them an offer they are actually willing to accept:

So that’s a good sign.

UPDATE 4: Passan’s sources hear it differently:

If I could guess from the outside, the players’ leadership has indicated that yes, they are WILLING to give up the grievance IF they get the right volume of games. So that’s probably why there is so much optimism.

UPDATE 5: More precision:

UPDATE 6: The first report on a length, and my guess is now that everything about the offer is great except that this is just a little short of what the players would really want:

UPDATE 7: More details:

Just please don’t bust out any last-minute switch-a-roo where it’s not ACTUALLY fully prorated, because the players only get that if the postseason is completed … Assuming that’s not the case this time, and depending on postseason money, I can see why there is finally optimism.

The players were previously at 89 games for an offer like this, but it is genuinely not realistic to have a season of that length now. Really, the longest that is do-able in a safe-ish way is about 72-75 games.

UPDATE 8: Sure enough, that’s what Jeff Passan expects – the players to come down from 89, and then getting closer to a number:

I have always spitballed at 69 games both because I’m being a juvenile, and also because that felt close to what was realistically workable, while as long as possible to something CLOSE to half of a season in.

UPDATE 9: Well this is not a source I expected to hear from today, but for what it’s worth, the politicians are involved:

UPDATE 10: Lots more from various reports out there that, yes, there is good movement here, but there will definitely have to be more negotiations to actually get a deal done. And it’s not as if there isn’t some unhappiness, as always:

Now I hope they just negotiate, quietly, using brackets to get the number of games closer and closer until there’s a deal.

UPDATE 11: An official statement from the Commissioner, which doesn’t look bad on its face, though I don’t entirely see the purpose immediately:

UPDATE 12: A more comprehensive look at where things stand right now:

Author: Brett Taylor

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