Darvish Showing Off, Terrible State of Things, Important History, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Darvish Showing Off, Terrible State of Things, Important History, and Other Cubs Bullets

Chicago Cubs

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•   Yu Darvish showing off his new pitch, The Supreme, in action:


•   So, that’s a hybrid splitter-two-seamer, which has the fade of a nasty changeup, and yet comes in at 93 mph. Commanded well, it would be absolute death for lefties, *especially* because he can pair it with his REGULAR nasty splitter, which comes in about four or five MPH slower (to say nothing of it working off of the four-seamer, which he gets up to 96-97 mph … and those are just three of his pitches working away from lefties!).

•   There, got you something fun and nice and actual-baseball-ish to start off the Bullets before turning to Joel Sherman to accurately, and depressingly, sum up the state of things (though I’d note that even Manfred concedes he explicitly told Clark that the players could submit a counter to the 60-game proposal):

•   And, of course, none of any of that goes to the biggest hurdle the league faces, even as we see little evidence of the sides working together to really focus on the actual enemy here:

•   When even Buster Olney at ESPN is railing on the league, you know things have really turned sour:

•   Memories:

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•   Shawon Dunston’s perspective:

•   Very important history:

•   Miss you:

Author: Brett Taylor

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