Owners and Players Maybe Still Negotiating, But MLB Says 70 Games is "Impossible"

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Owners and Players Maybe Still Negotiating, But MLB Says 70 Games is “Impossible”

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I update you this evening because I am duty bound to do so. But I’ll tell you up front: I have no optimism about an agreement, I have barely any optimism about a season at all, and I am as low as I’ve been throughout this process. So I’m just gonna lay out what’s what and then go play LEGOs with The Little Boy.

Given the timeline for this process, it’s fair to say that, even if you believe the regular season *has* to end before October, and even if you believe the recent spikes in COVID-19 across various states *require* a rethinking of the schedule, then the owners got their way on a shorter season by dragging things out in April, May, and early June.

That’s because the league’s position, which might now be tenable, is that it is no longer possible to have a 70-game season, and anything over 60 might not be possible either:

The sides might still be talking, though:

MLB is trying to offer up at least some additional incentives to get the players to agree to the 60-game offer, but it’s not clear that the owners are negotiating on any of the other financial terms (i.e., playoff compensation, forgiveness of March advances, etc.):

For now, no one knows what comes next, and I’m sure as heck not expecting anything good:

Author: Brett Taylor

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