Commissioner Can Shut Things Down Again, Bryant Bro-ing Out for Rizzo, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Commissioner Can Shut Things Down Again, Bryant Bro-ing Out for Rizzo, and Other Cubs Bullets

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We built a fire in the backyard yesterday, which was cool and fun, but the rub is that the wind blows from back there directly into our house. It didn’t create enough smoke to set off any detectors or anything, but man, it sure did fill up the house with a nice smoky aroma.

•   As part of the updated health and safety protocols, as shared by Andy Martino, the Commissioner now has pretty expansive authority to shut things down if necessary:

“The Commissioner retains the right to suspend or cancel the 2020 championship season or postseason, or any games therein, in the event that (i) restrictions on travel throughout the United States are imposed; (ii) there is a material change in circumstances such that the Commissioner determines, after consultation with recognized medical experts and the Players Association, that it poses an unreasonable health and safety risk to players or staff to stage those games, even without fans in attendance; or (III) The number of players who are unavailable to perform services due to COVID-19 is so great that the competitive integrity of the season is undermined.”

•   The reality is that our country has done such a spectacularly poor job at containing this virus compared to almost everywhere else in the world that, even without fans in attendance, no one can say with certainty that baseball can be pulled off in a month (or other sports later, for that matter). Or that, even if it can be pulled off in late July in all areas, that it can still be pulled off in August or September or October in all those same areas.

•   So, as a matter of safety, the league is going to have to be extremely attentive and nimble and willing to take dramatic and urgent steps if it comes to that. I am as stoked as anyone about the possibility of baseball returning, and I also increasingly feel like I’m one of the less alarmist people when it comes to outdoor activities – but even I’m sitting here saying that the league and its teams cannot wait until there’s a massive outbreak in their house to shut things down. If the time comes where a community is exploding in cases and teams are supposed to play there (including a team that is coming in from out of town), then you have to figure something else out, or shut it down. I think it’s worth preparing ourselves now for that possibility so that if it happens, no time is lost in the hemming and hawing delay.

•   Hopefully this year goes much, much better for Craig Kimbrel. At least he won’t have a weird, delayed Spring Training and shortened ramp-up period and … crud …

•   MiLB is still in the dark:

•   Something nice and happy:

•   There’s still a huge clothing sale going on at Amazon right now, with all kinds of one-day-only  type things. Keep checking it out. #ad

•   Behind the scenes on Ryan Dempster’s show:

•   Somewhere over the rainbow, via Marquee on IG:

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