Cubs Pitching Coach Tommy Hottovy Says He "Got Crushed" By COVID-19

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Cubs Pitching Coach Tommy Hottovy Says He “Got Crushed” By COVID-19

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs pitching coach Tommy Hottovy is reasonably young, in good shape, and by his own account has no underlying conditions.

Yet when he got COVID-19 earlier this year, as he told 670 The Score this morning, it was extremely hard on him. And thinks it’s very important for people to hear about his experience.

“My journey through this virus was not like ones you hear of younger people who are asymptomatic or only have it for a few days,” Hottovy said on the Mully & Haugh Show. “I got crushed. I did have to go the hospital for a little bit of time to get checked and do all the breathing treatments …. The problem with is on day eight through 14, it crushed me. It got into my lungs. I got the full what they call the COVID pneumonia, a viral pneumonia, shortness of breath, really trouble breathing, constant fevers.”

In addition to the breathing problems, Hottovy said he dealt with a fever of more than 100 degrees for six straight days. It took him *30 days* before he tested negative for the virus.

Through his experience, he wanted to let people know – including the pitchers on his pitching staff, to whom he spoke about the experience – that he though he did everything he could to protect himself from getting the virus, and he still got it. And he’s a healthy guy who nevertheless got very, very sick. Thankfully, he was quarantined and didn’t get his family sick. But his experience will resonate.

And it’s frankly a scary reminder of just how bad this pandemic is. We often think mostly about how contagious this thing is, and we think about the large numbers. But on an individual level, what’s so scary is that you just don’t know how badly it could hit you.

Players around baseball are reporting to their Summer Camps this week, and many Cubs are undergoing initial COVID-19 testing today. We know enough about the virus to know that 100% negatives across the board are extremely unlikely, but I do hope very much that anyone who tests positive doesn’t have an experience like Hottovy’s. And I hope all the players and staff see Hottovy’s experience and are reminded how serious this is. Heck, I hope all of us are reminded, too.

Hottovy’s full interview:

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Author: Brett Taylor

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