Epstein is Realistic About Baseball This Year, Chicago's Quarantine Order, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Epstein is Realistic About Baseball This Year, Chicago’s Quarantine Order, and Other Cubs Bullets

Chicago Cubs

Summer Camp begins today for the Chicago Cubs, though the particulars of what that means beyond “today is the first workout,” are more or less unknown to us outside the team. It’s also not clear what we’ll see and hear about Summer Camp this year, though I expect we’ll get a better sense through this weekend. I’m hoping that Marquee is able to do a lot, and I know that some media are being permitted to go to Wrigley Field (again, though, access unclear). 

We’ll see when we see …

•   Speaking of which, I appreciated very much how Theo Epstein framed what’s going on right now – it’s not like we can’t see the cases (even the positivity rates) climbing around the country – with a very realistic take. This is an attempt to play, not a guarantee (Tribune): “The pandemic is in control of the whole world right now. This is merely an exercise to see if we can put on a baseball season safely, and so it deserves all of our best efforts. Full attention is the responsibility that we take very seriously. And we know that if it turns out that we can’t put on a baseball season safely, then we won’t proceed. But for now, we move forward.”

•   More from Theo on what the Cubs are doing, how they are trying to keep players safe, and about the responsibilities of everyone involved:

•   If you saw Mayor Lightfoot’s recent quarantine order – visitors to Chicago from states where cases are spiking will have to quarantine for 14 days before interacting publicly – and wondered, no, for now there is not expected to be an impact on baseball. Impacted states do not include those that would be coming to Chicago to play this season, but even if they did, exemptions can be granted. I say “for now,” though, because everything can change. And localities shutting down to outsiders was always one of the major risks for this attempted baseball season. So keep that in mind.

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•   ‘Hamilton’ is now available on Disney+ (original cast and all that), so if you’ve wanted to watch, you can sign up for a free trial of Disney+ here.

•   Kris Bryant, always ready to make a play:

•   I see that someone has been practicing his El Mago slides:

•   Fun throwback:

•   A reminder that the MLB Shop has a ton of Cubs masks if you want to do your part in style:

Author: Brett Taylor

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