Schwarber Has a Great DH Approach, Perez Added Because of Depth Concerns, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Schwarber Has a Great DH Approach, Perez Added Because of Depth Concerns, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Uh oh. It was one of those days where I let myself go down a rabbit hole on the internets, and now I am out of time to say anything useful up here except for this sentence. Beware the rabbit holes.

•   Kyle Schwarber knows about all the designated hitter chatter, and he’s totally on board with whatever David Ross wants him to do. Of course, not unlike when he was a catcher coming out of the draft and he wanted to show he could still catch, Schwarber is still preparing as an outfielder. Yet he clearly thinks deeply about how he could also be the best DH he could be ( “I know how people love to view me as a designated hitter. But I’m going to still go out there and play my best defense out there and make really good plays out there …. I kind of have an idea and formula of what I want to do [if I’m a DH]. You think of a DH and you think about them taking their at-bat and then the next thing they’re going back down into the cage and they’re swinging, swinging, swinging, swinging. I think that’s not the case. I think the biggest thing for a DH is to be able to stay locked into the game as much as possible, know what’s going on, see what’s going on, keep your mind into it.”

•   Also, from Schwarber:

•   Hey, if Glenallen hill can do it

•   Anthony Rizzo is “day-to-day” with his lower-back issue, and the Cubs indicate it is just a matter of being overly cautious at this point in the schedule. You know how this goes by now.

•   Kyle Ryan, whose arrival had been delayed by something logistical related to the health protocols (but not a positive test), is due to arrive at Cubs Summer Camp today.

•   No huge hints from the Cubs’ manager as to why Hernan Perez was added to the 60-man player pool a week after camp kicked off, but here’s what David Ross had to say (NBCSC): “He’s been a depth piece for us since we got him, and just trying to see how things shape up here, what we needed, what we’re expecting, gave him a call. We need him here. He’s great for the environment. He’s got a good track record for being around the guys. He’s got close relationships with some of our guys. … And as we looked at things where were short maybe a position player, and he fit right in to a multifaceted skillset that we need here. And it’s nice to have his energy around. It’s good to see him back.”

•   So, like I said yesterday, that is all consistent with any of the explanations you can come up with, including that there were mere logistical issues with the arrival (consider that minor league vets across baseball were “released” and then re-signed for contractual reasons, and maybe that process took a little time). But I’m sure you see the part of Ross’s statement that stands out a bit – “as we looked at things where were short maybe a position player …. ” – and it makes you think about what could have changed from creation of the 60-man group until yesterday. Perez can play anywhere, but the one spot he can cover well that the Cubs don’t have as much depth is shortstop. Is his addition a reflection of the Cubs questioning whether Nico Hoerner could be the primary back-up shortstop (especially if he’s starting regularly at second)? Is it a reflection of their concern that guys like David Bote and Daniel Descalso can’t really handle shortstop in a pinch? Is it a reflection of the Cubs’ concerns that Hoerner isn’t actually going to make the Opening Day roster, and so a shortstop is flat out needed? Did somebody in that group get hurt between last week and now, and we just haven’t heard yet? Still all to-be-seen, but keep it all on your radar given the unusual timing of the Perez addition.

•   Not that it should come as a surprise at this point, and you may have forgotten about the event at this point anyway, but the Northwestern-Wisconsin game set for Wrigley Field has officially been postponed:

•   Crazy schedule facts:

•   Flashback:

•   Eli asked, I answered:

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