Players Reportedly Approve Expanded Postseason For This Year (UPDATES: 16 Teams, Seeded Play)

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Players Reportedly Approve Expanded Postseason For This Year (UPDATES: 16 Teams, Seeded Play)

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After some last-minute negotiations, he expanded postseason appears to be coming this year, which is just fine with me in such a short regular season.

From Marly Rivera:

Under the new postseason, you could have upwards of eight teams from each league making the playoffs (that was the latest rumor). So you’d have three division winners and five Wild Cards. Under that kind of setup, you’d assume teams are playing each other right out of the gate (i.e., no byes), which is no doubt a tough pill for the best teams to swallow. At least they will get to pick their first round opponent from the pool of other teams. Again, that’s according to earlier rumors.

There are three main reasons to be on board with expanded playoffs THIS year:

1.) With a mere 60-game season, you would want the ability to have more teams in the postseason, not only because we are going to have NO CLUE which teams are actually the best, but also you might have a crapload of ties atop the standings and in the Wild Cards.

2.) More postseason games means more revenue for the league. That *can* mean a larger pool to share with the players. (The default arrangement for the postseason gives players no salaries during the postseason, and the only cash they ever got was a portion of gate receipts. This year, that might be nothing at all.)

3.) While I doubt this is a hoped-for approach for longer-term massive playoff expansion, it’s worth keeping in mind that this might hint at the other kind of expansion: like, more MLB teams. We know that expansion is already on the radar for this decade, but with the pandemic crushing MLB teams this year, the owners might be looking for a quick infusion of cash, and adding a couple teams – and their enormous expansion fees – would be a quick way to do it. So start the playoff expansion concept now.

I’ll update when there’s more.

UPDATE: Indeed, it’s the 16-team version:

So, if you don’t make the playoffs this year, you really suck.

UPDATE 2: Good on the players getting some extra money to spread around, but boo on not doing the pick-your-opponent version this year:

UPDATE 3: Sounds like the first round will be all best-of-three, and also, it isn’t just the top eight records:

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