Miami Marlins Season Now Paused, MLB and Other Teams Scrambling to Figure Out Schedule (UPDATE)

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Miami Marlins Season Now Paused, MLB and Other Teams Scrambling to Figure Out Schedule (UPDATE)

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Better late than never. In a very fluid, challenging, novel situation, I can understand MLB not jumping to the most extreme measures immediately, but they will absolutely have to be very quick – and correct – if this season is going to survive.

To that end, I was hoping something like this would come down yesterday (and maybe be more broad than just Miami), but since games were already postponed, I suppose this is just as effective today: after suffering a massive COVID-19 outbreak – upwards of 15 players so far – the Miami Marlins’ season has been paused at least until next week.

This will answer the Nationals’ players concerns about being expected to go play in Miami this weekend. That will not happen now. The hope, obviously, is that between now and Monday, the Marlins have no more positive tests, figure out how to fill out a roster, and everyone is … comfortable that this was the extent of the outbreak? I really don’t know if you can conclude that yet.

But what happens to the Marlins’ schedule? And their opponents’ schedules? And the Phillies’ schedule, since they have had to shut down, too? And the Yankees, who were supposed to play the Phillies? And the Orioles, who were supposed to play the Marlins? It’s madness, and this is a reminder that just one team suffering an outbreak can muck up the whole thing.

Among the latest bits on how MLB is going to try to navigate the madness:

I’ll try to keep folks as updated as I can, but I think this is all gonna fly around rapidly for the next couple days, and that’s even WITHOUT other teams suffering a rash of positive tests – which, hey, remember that? It’s possible at any time.

Right now, because of the geographic schedules, only the NL and AL East are lined up to be impacted by these rapid, on-the-fly changes to the schedule, though teams records (for Wild Card purposes) could wind up impacting all teams. Get used to this kind of thing. The 2020 season was already unusual in the extreme, and it’s going to get even more absurd if it can get to a completion. Only way to do it.

UPDATE: Some official announcements:

Author: Brett Taylor

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