The A's and Astros Just Screwed Up Big Time (UPDATE)

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The A’s and Astros Just Screwed Up Big Time (UPDATE)

Chicago Cubs

Not exactly a banner day for MLB’s efforts to play through a pandemic. The Cardinals may have additional positives and have had another series axed. The Indians had to send a player home because he decided to go out with friends against protocols.

And now the A’s and Astros got into a full-on brawl:

On-field transmission should be exceedingly unlikely when you consider the limited exposures, the natural distancing, and the outdoor nature of baseball. Unless you do crap like that. I know that teams and players are hot about the Astros, and I know that there is going to be friction like this. But a brawl? All those guys clumped together, huffing and puffing on each other like that? It’s the coronavirus’s dream.

Apparently that was Astros hitting coach Alex Cintron and A’s outfielder Ramon Laureano chirping, and both are going to be punished heavily for this. Cintron, as a coach, is probably gonna get hammered, and justifiably so.

Hopefully it’s only a matter of meting out that punishment and not worrying about a positive test showing up for one of these teams and then worrying that there was subsequent spread – remember, there’s a lag between the time tests are taken and the time results are received. You want to talk about MLB’s nightmare scenario? It’s one of these guys coming back with a positive tomorrow from a test they took this morning.

UPDATE: I’m not gonna *entirely* excuse Laureano here, but if this is true, his reaction is pretty understandable, and also that coach should be suspended for the season:

Author: Brett Taylor

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