MLB Hands Down Significant Suspensions for A's-Astros Rumble

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MLB Hands Down Significant Suspensions for A’s-Astros Rumble

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Don’t rumble during a pandemic, where the virus at issue sure loves to hop very easily from human to human in close contact.

If your sport’s survival this year depends on things like not rumbling, then you can expect the consequences for things like what happened between the Astros and A’s to be quite severe. A’s outfielder Ramon Laureano gets six games and Astros hitting coach Alex Cintron gets 20:

I actually think an even longer suspension for Cintron would be appropriate, given all the circumstances. A reminder that Cintron, a COACH, was taunting Laureano from the bench, inviting Laureano to come over, and then hid behind other coaches and players when Laureano charged. Also a reminder that Cintron reportedly talked about Laureano’s mom as part of the taunts.

I think Jomboy sums this up well:

If you missed the rumble, by the way:

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Author: Brett Taylor

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