Trevor Bauer Rips Scott Boras: "He Cares About Himself and His Ego"

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Trevor Bauer Rips Scott Boras: “He Cares About Himself and His Ego”

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Back when the structure for the current season was being negotiated/fought over, there was a dust-up between Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer and super agent Scott Boras. The short version is that Bauer seemed to think Boras was interfering with union business in a way that was not actually helping all the players.

Now, Bauer is calling out Boras once again, this time apparently in relation to backchannel communications about the positive COVID test on the Reds. Bauer wanted to share on Momentum’s YouTube channel what it was like to be going through whatever it is the Reds are going through while they test, contact trace, etc. Maybe that made Boras angry for some reason? Maybe someone felt like it was insensitive to the situation and/or the privacy concerns?

It’s not entirely clear what happened, but Bauer just unloaded on Boras on Twitter:

Those are some, uh, strong words from Bauer, who doesn’t appear to be holding much back at the moment. That’s a very high-visibility player ripping the highest-visibility agent in the sport (note: not his own). That’s newsworthy stuff. I hope we get a little more behind-the-scenes on just what this is about, because at the moment it’s hard to evaluate what’s really going on.

Author: Brett Taylor

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