Mets-Marlins Game Postponed Due to Two Positive COVID-19 Tests (UPDATE: Some Mets Traveling)

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Mets-Marlins Game Postponed Due to Two Positive COVID-19 Tests (UPDATE: Some Mets Traveling)

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Well, the league certainly has a new way of dealing with even one positive case of COVID-19 from any organization, but from what we’ve seen early on with the Marlins and Cardinals, this is probably the right way to go.

Tonight’s Mets-Marlins finale has been postponed after someone from the Mets has tested positive for COVID-19:

It’s not entirely clear yet who has tested positive – could be a player, coach, staff, etc. – but that was enough for MLB to act. We’ve seen this sort of hasty response work well since the big breakouts throughout the league, so you have to assume it’s for the best.

The frustrating part, of course, is that the Marlins, while now up to 18 games, have played significantly fewer contests than most other teams around the league and this is but another to be made up or banged entirely. We’ll update the post if and when we know more.

UPDATE: There are two positive cases, including one player and one member of the staff …

UPDATE 2: The Yankees are scheduled to play the Mets tomorrow at Citi Field, but it’s fair to say that game will probably be moved, if not the entire series …

UPDATE 3: This probably won’t preclude a postponement AT LEAST tomorrow, but most Mets have already been cleared to travel, which is surprising:

I’m not sure how they could know, unlike all the other situations, that there was no risk of cross-exposure from the positive cases, but I guess we’ll learn more soon enough.

Author: Michael Cerami

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