Trade Deadline Deals Are Happening: Marte to Miami, Brewers Trade Phelps, Rockies Acquire Pillar, More

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Trade Deadline Deals Are Happening: Marte to Miami, Brewers Trade Phelps, Rockies Acquire Pillar, More

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The flurry of deals has arrived, as we’re in the final hour before the Trade Deadline. Gotta bang these out quickly.

The Miami Marlins are buyers, which means it is truly 2020:

Marte, 31, continues to just be excellent, so this is a huge upgrade for the Marlins, who are in playoff contention. He also comes with a $12.5 million option for 2021, though it’s debatable whether the Marlins would pick it up in this market. Decent prospect in Mejia, and an interesting controlled pitcher in Smith for the Diamondbacks. Not a bad return, all things considered.

Meanwhile, the Marlins also sold off a short-term piece, sending Jonathan Villar to the Blue Jays. Turns out they have a replacement ready:

Diaz was a top-100 prospect a couple years ago but struggled a bit in his debut last season before opting out at the beginning of 2020. But now, he’s opting back into a second-place Marlins team currently in a playoff position.

Elsewhere, the Brewers have sold off former Cub David Phelps, who’s actually legitimately killing it in Milwaukee this season: 2.77 ERA, 2.75 FIP:

They are just good with relief arms, what is there to say? In terms of implications, this could be the start of a Brewers (15-18) mid-season sell-off, but with two playoff teams per division plus two wild cards, they’re hardly out of the race, so … interesting? Let’s watch closely over the next 15-20 minutes.

And, hey, they’re reportedly getting three prospects in return, and for a guy they signed to a 1-year, $1.5M deal (with a 2021 option) that’s a pretty sweet return on your investment. Remember, that $1.5M was prorated down to about $500K, of which they’ve already paid out just a little over half. Netting your organization three prospects for $300K is good business, especially when you’re arguably selling high during a year when the postseason isn’t a lock.

Moving on, the Rockies are acquiring Kevin Pillar from the Red Sox, who are *definitely* in sell-mode, with a couple of players currently connected to the Cubs. But I digress, here’s the deal with the Rockies:

The NL West is GOING FOR IT, man. The Padres have made a dozen moves, the Dodgers are still pushing for something big, and even the Rockies are adding.

Michael Cerami contributed to this post.

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