Playoff Rooting Interests, That Padres-Cubs NLCS, Minor League Lawsuit, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Playoff Rooting Interests, That Padres-Cubs NLCS, Minor League Lawsuit, and Other Cubs Bullets

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•   The ALDS got underway yesterday, with the Astros bombing out the A’s with homers, and the Yankees crushing the Rays late thanks in large part to a 9th inning Giancarlo Stanton grand slam:

•   The NLDS starts today as the ALDS continues:

•   In the AL, I think it’s fairly easy to pull for the A’s and the Rays. Among the remaining NL teams, though, it’s kinda hard to pick the rooting interest. I am obviously not rooting for the Marlins, having just beaten the Cubs (plus 2003 still lingers). I can’t root for the Dodgers, because they’re the Dodgers. The Braves have just never been a team that captured me. So I’m left with the Padres, a team I really do like, but I know that a lot of older Cubs fans still have beef from ’84. If there were an NL Central team still in the mix, I’d just root for their opponent because I’m petty. As it stands, I think I gotta go for the Padres, even as it may offend some.

•   For those who aren’t old enough to remember (that includes me, though I know Cubs history, so I remember in that respect), Leon Durham’s Game 5 error was Bill Buckner’s error before Bill Buckner:

•   The NLCS was five games in those days, and Durham’s error tied the game in the 7th inning, and the Padres opened things up from there, winning the NLCS. Not as dramatic as Buckner’s, of course, but a jaw-dropping, decisive, historic moment all the same. If he makes that play, maybe the Cubs hold on to win, taking them to the World Series 22 years before 2016.

•   Wild part of that story? Durham had taken over the first base job at midseason from none other than Bill Buckner, whom the Cubs then traded to the Red Sox. Talk about butterfly wings.

•   Terrible news, and an admirable effort by former big leaguer Will Middlebrooks:

•   A big legal win for minor leaguers who are trying to get at least minimum wage:

•   As a legal matter, this means only that the lawsuit is permitted to proceed as a class action (so it’s kinda right at the start, even after four years), but as a practical matter, getting class certification a huge deal for leverage in settlement talks. The exposure to MLB goes waaaay up, and now with MiLB being reorganized anyway heading into next year, it seems a really good time for MLB teams to simply raise wages significantly, and settle this thing.

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Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.