Yadi Molina is Very Unhappy Not to Be a Gold Glove Finalist

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Yadi Molina is Very Unhappy Not to Be a Gold Glove Finalist

Chicago Cubs

Look. Yadi Molina has been a tremendous catcher for a very long time. I can enjoy poking fun at the guy and hating on him because he’s a life-long Cardinal, but I’ll also acknowledge that he’s been really good. OK. Fine.

But I’ll never forget how he was so offended when Willson Contreras, a couple years ago, said at Cubs Con that he wanted to be the best, better than guys like Molina and Buster Posey.

Anyway, that stuff comes to mind when I see today that Molina is really chapped that, unlike Contreras, he wasn’t named a Gold Glove finalist this year. It’s all a big conspiracy to protect Johnny Bench:

Molina has won nine Gold Glove awards in his career, Bench won ten. I really don’t think today’s decision had anything to do with Bench, but those are the numbers.

Molina’s future remains up in the air, as he’ll hit free agency this offseason and apparently wants a two-year deal (from the Cardinals or elsewhere).

Meanwhile, shortly after Molina’s post went up on Instagram, Willson Contreras tweeted this:


Author: Brett Taylor

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