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Andre Dawson Honored for Doing Something Risky and Important, and Other Cubs Bullets

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I wouldn’t say I’m trying to learn how to juggle, but I was screwing around with golf balls earlier this week and I actually did manage to juggle three balls for about 10 throws total – far, far more than I’d ever been able to do previously (which was basically zero). Months ago, during the shutdown, I’d seen clips of a woman who was trying to learn to juggle over the course of 10 days on the Headspace app, and for some reason, her strategies popped into my head. And boom, it was like I could kinda sorta juggle. Just from those videos I’d seen months ago. Brains are weird.

•   What an awesome honor for Andre Dawson, and an important legacy in Major League Baseball history. You should watch this:

•   A lot of people know about “the blank contract” before Dawson came to the Cubs in 1987, but a lot of people don’t realize what a critical role Dawson’s move played in demonstrating collusion among the owners. In essence, the owners had agreed in secret not to offer players a contract except for those on their own team – there would be no movement in free agency, which would mean an effective return to the old reserve system, and salaries would drop. But Dawson, for a variety of reasons, including health reasons, wanted to leave Montreal and its astroturf and come play at Wrigley Field for the Cubs. And when no team would sign him outside of the $1 million he was offered to return to the Expos, he gave the Cubs a blank contract and said pay me whatever you want, I’ll come play for you. It put a spotlight on what was happening, the Cubs were “forced” to sign Dawson, and gave him only half what the Expos were offering. Once that went down, everyone knew something very, very fishy was up with the market. And then, of course, Dawson won the MVP on his cheapy contract, and earned himself another $20+ million before his career was up.

•   The owners were later found in arbitration to have colluded in violation of the CBA, and in 1990 settled a trio of collusion cases for $280 million.

•   Tis the season, and Cubs third base coach Will Venable is going to be in demand for interviews again, with Gordon Wittenmyer indicating the Tigers are interested, and Jon Heyman noting Venable has already interviewed with the Red Sox:

•   Venable has been a Cubs coach for a few years now, but also comes with a background as a player, and spent time in the front office. He’s basically the mold for what teams increasingly have looked for in managers, so it makes sense that he keeps getting looks.

•   The Cubs honor their seven Gold Glove finalists:

•   Cubs Central wonders what it would be like to have a virtual Cubs Convention this year (we know that in-person has already been cancelled).

•   This is like a perfect Willson Contreras throw to nab a runner, but in reverse (and at the Myrtle Beach Pelicans’ park):

•   Memories:

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Author: Brett Taylor

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