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Red Sox Bring Back Alex Cora, Mark Prior Still Thinks About 2003, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Our server went down this morning, which sucks, and (I suspect because of the election) it’s been a real bear to get support to work with us to fix the issue. Heck, to be honest, I’m typing this on a dead page at the moment so that I can at least write. Might be able to publish it eventually, might not. It’s been hours at this point, and that does not happen.

•   Speaking of folks being distracted by the election, the Red Sox chose – at the very moment key states are seeing their vote counting reach critical stages – to slip this news out there:

•   That, of course, is not a coincidence on the timing – might as well avoid at least some of the blowback for re-hiring the manager you fired after he was suspended for his role in one of the worst cheating scandals in recent memory – but this was always going to happen. Early on in this process, it became clear as day that the Red Sox were putting on a little bit of a show in their search so that they could bring Cora back. Unlike A.J. Hinch, whose role in the electronic sign-stealing scheme was limited to not doing enough to stop it (he more or less told players to stop, twice smashing their video monitors with a bat, but didn’t actually stop it), Cora – together with Carlos Beltran – was allegedly one of the masterminds of bringing the scheme to the players and activating it in games. He did a bad. A very bad. And I’m not so sure I love that he’s being welcomed back like nothing happened. Oh, and that’s to say nothing of the lesser-form of cheating that the Red Sox did after Cora’s arrival.

•   Now the Dodgers pitching coach, old friend Mark Prior got his ring 17 years after that thing happened:

•   Among the notes from Prior in the podcast, yes, he still thinks about 2003 (as we all do):

In fact, even 17 years later in his new job as pitching coach for the Dodgers, Prior continues to have flashbacks.

“I wouldn’t lie and say that when we were down 3-1 against the Braves [in the National League Championship Series last month] that I wasn’t thinking, ‘I’ve been on one side of this, and I want to be on the other side of this,'” Prior said this week during a conversation for the Cubs Talk Podcast.

“And I’m not going to lie in saying that every time we got within six outs or even three outs, I’m going, like, ‘Yeah, the 27th out is still the most important out.'”

•   Heh. Remember this, when times were light and fun:

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Author: Brett Taylor

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