What is Your Favorite 2020 Cubs Moment? Iowa Cubs Sticking, HOF Ballots, and Other Cubs Bullets

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What is Your Favorite 2020 Cubs Moment? Iowa Cubs Sticking, HOF Ballots, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Our heat went out the night before last, which meant we had a really cold night. We have only one space heater, so we gave it to The Littlest Girl for her room. Dang if that room didn’t feel AMAZING when I went in to get her this morning. You’re welcome, child.

•   It was a short season that ended disappointingly, but it’s not like it was wholly without some really enjoyable moments. So when FOX MLB asked the favorite moment from the 2020 season, I think there are definitely some Cubs moments that come to mind immediately:

•   If you count an entire no-hitter as a “moment,” then I think Alec Mills’s historically unique no-hitter would be right up there with those two as the clear top three from the Cubs season. Javy Báez’s socially-distanced walk-off early on was fun. That time Yu Darvish dropped his glove mid pitch and still threw a strike was fun. Oh, when Javy just kept on going and stole home on the witless Brewers, that was fun, too. Am I missing any other big and obvious ones?

•   As Tommy Birch says, nothing is finalized yet, but this would be the expected outcome for the 39-year AAA affiliate of the Chicago Cubs:

•   The reality is that, geographically, there aren’t many AAA-caliber locations that would make more sense for the Cubs and that would become available. Throw in the long-standing relationship and the ability to keep a foothold in the Iowa market, and it just makes sense that the Cubs would stick with Iowa. That said, nothing was a given (and, again, this isn’t final). We’re going to see significant changes to minor league baseball next year, and that’ll include surprising affiliation and league-level changes around baseball.

•   Fun note on the Hall of Fame voting this year:

•   I just enjoy this a lot:


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Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.