Take a Big Rule 5 Swing, Eaton Hangs Up on Radio, Marquee Broadcast Search, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Take a Big Rule 5 Swing, Eaton Hangs Up on Radio, Marquee Broadcast Search, and Other Cubs Bullets

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I exercise vigorously every day, so there’s nothing new in that regard. But what I have started to do, in tandem with the exercise, is work in extra push-ups – a lot of them – during “rest” times when you’re otherwise doing cardio. I got the nudge from someone to try it, so I’m trying it. The good news is that I can do it, and I can tell it’s stressing the crap out of my body in a good way. But the bad news is that my upper torso is not used to adding a significant layer of work to what I was already doing, which means reaching to grab the steering wheel this morning was a monumental task. I reckon I’ll get over a hump and it wasn’t be quite this level of next-day soreness, but my word.

•   It’s going to be a very big day for minor league baseball, as the announcement of the 120 remaining affiliates (and where they’ll play) is coming. There are still steps that will follow to formalize things – and not all MLB orgs will simultaneously announce their four minor league affiliates – but I suspect we will find out the Cubs’ four expected affiliates today. We’ve generally been expecting that the Iowa Cubs will be the AAA club, the Tennessee Smokies will be the AA club, the South Bend Cubs will be the High-A club (a shift in level), and the Myrtle Beach Pelicans will be the Low-A club (a shift in level). The Eugene Emeralds are expected to be changing leagues, and since the Cubs can have only four full-season affiliates, well, you can connect those dots.

•   Adam Eaton, who was notoriously involved in various clubhouse absurdity back in the day (remember Drake LaRoche?), is already quite an addition for the White Sox:

•   He called into ESPN 1000 in Chicago only to hang up two minutes later when asked a very reasonable question about his new manager, Tony La Russa, relating to players after 10 years away from the dugout:

•   Okie dokie. And that wasn’t even a question about La Russa’s second DUI, for which he’s currently going through criminal court proceedings. You’re gonna get these questions, guys. The White Sox invited it.

•   The Athletic has an early look at the search process for Len Kasper’s replacement at Marquee, and you’re gonna like almost all the names mentioned:

•   Joe Davis, Boog Sciambi, Wayne Randazza, Cory Provus, on and on. There are just some really good names in there. I’d also be fine with Marquee going the up-and-coming route, because they could easily get the best of the unknowns, and that’s where Len Kasper emerged from 16 years ago.

•   This is only like 50% serious with respect to Lazaro Armenteros, specifically, but philosophically, I kinda do mean it:

•   If the Cubs aren’t going to make serious additions in the outfield this offseason, then eff it – go for extreme upside. You gonna tell me the Cubs won’t even possibly be able to stash a guy as a 5th outfielder? Heck, you do it for 90 days, then he is “injured,” goes on the 60-day IL, his season is over (while he “rehabs” in the minors), and yet you get to keep him forever once you hit that 90-day mark. Boom. Hire me as the GM, Jed.

•   Other available Rule 5’ers here at BA. The draft is tomorrow morning. The Cubs will almost certainly take at least one player, probably a relief arm. It’s just the standard move, and it’s fine. Get some talent for a mere $100,000 fee when you can. But I’m just thinking that the Cubs might as well shoot for upside if they’re not going to max out for 2021 anyway. Won’t have many years that offer them this kind of opportunity.

•   People have jokes:

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Author: Brett Taylor

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