There is "Industry Chatter" That Kris Bryant Could Be Traded "As Soon As This Weekend"

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There is “Industry Chatter” That Kris Bryant Could Be Traded “As Soon As This Weekend”

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I hate being vague, but I will offer that, in addition to some non-specific Twitter chatter, there is industry buzz that something might be happening this weekend with Kris Bryant. It made sense, given the way there was an air building this week, particularly after the Francisco Lindor trade, and now there’s something even more public out there.

Although there have been reports of Cubs conversations with the Mets about Bryant, here’s what Andy Martino reports today: “Amid increasing industry chatter that the Cubs will trade Kris Bryant as soon as this weekend, the Mets and Cubs have not spoken in several weeks, according to league sources. ”

Martino adds that there would be other teams ahead of the Mets in the efforts to acquire Bryant, whose projected $20-ish million salary is not something the Mets want to take on in its entirety, according to Martino. And we know the Cubs have blanched at eating some of that salary to facilitate a trade.

Which teams out there are willing to spend aggressively this offseason and/or haven’t added much? The Braves? The Blue Jays? The Phillies? TBD.

So, stay tuned. None of this means a trade is definitely happening, but you do get the sense when you work the phones, so to speak, that a lot of people in the industry think it might be brewing. Maybe the Lindor trade took the Mets out of the mix, which then opened things up? Obviously we learned with Darvish that those talks had gone on with the Padres for upwards of a month, and then only finally came together after the Blake Snell deal was finalized. Sometimes, that’s how these things wind up going boom-boom-boom. Relatedly: any chance that the Nationals signing Kyle Schwarber today also moved the needle a bit by taking the Nationals out of the mix? Or alternatively made them want to be even more aggressive to add a third base bat?

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.