Opening the Flood Gates? George Springer Signs a Big Deal with the Blue Jays

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Opening the Flood Gates? George Springer Signs a Big Deal with the Blue Jays

Chicago Cubs

What was a flurry of rumors at the beginning of the night has finally amounted to a deal. George Springer and the Toronto Blue Jays have an agreement at a very healthy six years and $150 million.

They finally got someone to take their money:

To be sure, Springer was reportedly seeking $175 million this offseason, but come on … $150M for him is a good deal. A really good deal. I have no doubt the Blue Jays will happy with his production, but that’s still a nice payday for Springer.

Now what about the fallout?

Well, let’s start with the Mets, the runner-up in the Springer sweepstakes. On the one hand, we figured they might not be willing to dish out what it takes to land Springer given (1) their proximity to the luxury tax (roughly $27M in remaining space … minus the $5-10M ear marked for in-season additions) and (2) the current scandal that has left them without their brand new GM, Jared Porter, but they did. And that’s significant. So perhaps now they will move onto whatever their backup plan was for the lineup, which, as we know, could include a trade for Kris Bryant.

After all, they did offer a hefty chunk of change:

That’s a $20 million AAV, by the way … or about $500K more than Bryant will make in 2021.

The grass is always greener, New York: 

The Blue Jays, meanwhile, were also connected to J.T. Realmuto (though that’s a bit tougher to see now) and Trevor Bauer. It’s rare for a team to pull off multiple hundred million+ dollar deals in an offseason, but the Blue Jays are one of a few teams willing to spend that much this winter. So I don’t think we can count them out yet. And, of course, if they’d still like to upgrade at catcher, Willson Contreras likely offers similar value at a fourth of the financial cost (though obviously (hopefully?) he would require a HAUL to obtain).*

*I really HOPE the Cubs don’t trade Contreras, but I’m just reminding you all of the smoke.

Oh, hey: The Blue Jays might also add Springer’s friend, and fellow free agent, Michael Brantley ….

There are probably many more threads we could pull on tonight, but suffice it to say, at this point on the MLB calendar and at this point in the year, a top free agent signing should be more than enough to pry those floodgates open.

And ope … look at that. Jose Quintana just signed a deal too. I’ll go write that up now. More tomorrow (and probably a lot more coming this week).

Author: Michael Cerami

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