Jake Arrieta "Looked Very Good" in His Throwing Session Attended By the Cubs - Any Traction There? (UPDATE)

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Jake Arrieta “Looked Very Good” in His Throwing Session Attended By the Cubs – Any Traction There? (UPDATE)

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This is only a small thing to share on a Sunday night, but I figured folks would be interested, given the nostalgia factor.

As you may recall, the Chicago Cubs attended a Jake Arrieta workout this weekend with an eye on potentially bringing back the former Cubs ace to see about giving them some innings this year. I have it on good authority that the Cubs sent multiple people to watch, and the interest is real. Moreover, Jesse Rogers reported that there is “some interest in a Cubs reunion” there.

Here’s the extra little bit tonight:

On first blush, there isn’t much there beyond an anonymous positive take on how Arrieta looked at the showcase, and then Heyman name-checking Arrieta’s old team.

But here’s a little under-the-hood worth noting: Heyman, by his reporting, is frequently in contact with Scott Boras, who happens to be Arrieta’s agent. On the one hand, if you were thinking Heyman heard this from Boras, maybe you throw out the part about how good Arrieta looked – agents have to say these things. But on the other hand, doesn’t it seem interesting that Heyman says a “Cubs reunion would be cool” if he, in fact, was in communication with Boras about Arrieta? Hey, I’m speculating here. But it seems to me that it’s highly plausible that Arrieta’s camp would like a reunion with the Cubs, and that’s being put out there. The only question from there is how interested are the Cubs, and are we talking about a big league deal or a minor league prove-it deal (recall, Arrieta ended last season early with a hamstring injury, turns 35 in March, and struggled a good bit the last couple years).

As I said: just a small Sunday night note. For my part, I’m all in on a reunion with one of the Cubs’ great pitchers, who could give them some innings, and, you never know, maybe remake himself a bit to be an effective pitcher for the team for years to come (a team that could have a lot of young arms coming up in the years ahead, and might benefit from having a uniquely competitive, intense, and grinding beast like Arrieta around to set the tone). Plus, yeah, the nostalgia. I can’t deny that part.


So it may well be the case that Arrieta’s side wants this to happen, but for real money. Like, maybe he’s already got some real money offers out there, and the Cubs are looking for more of a borderline minor league deal. You have to have a limit, given Arrieta’s trajectory the last couple years, obviously. But damn it, I wanted this to happen.

Author: Brett Taylor

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