The Best Description of Baseball You Will Ever Hear and Other Cubs Bullets

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The Best Description of Baseball You Will Ever Hear and Other Cubs Bullets

Chicago Cubs

I’ll listen to the updated Taylor Swift stuff, and I will apologize to no one. Luis will be with me on that.

•   Hey, not only is our top ten Cubs prospect list coming out today, but Bryan has a special surprise this afternoon for folks – he’ll be on our Instagram live chatting with Brennen Davis:

•   This gent describing his impression of baseball is, without question, the funniest thing I’ve seen so far this year. Stay with it:

•   The Cubs then popped their own version on TikTok, going above and beyond:

@cubsBaseball 101. #baseball #flula #cubs♬ original sound – Cubs

•   The video farewell to Albert Almora, Jr., who is officially off to the Mets:

•   The South Bend Cubs have officially signed their PDL and are sticking with the Cubs – they put out a video to celebrate:

•   On this day 17 years ago, Wrigley Field got a local landmark designation as part of a deal to allow them to host more night games, but it came with limitations on what they could do when altering the ballpark in the future (which obviously came to a head about 10 years later):

•   Jordan Zimmermann was so good for a while with the Nationals, and then he joined the Tigers, and boom, he was not. He’s still trying to make a go of it, though, signing a minor league deal with the Brewers.

•   It appears the answer is no, though I would add that some of these fastballs have great movement or spin or come from a funky angle/delivery:

•   Imagine what he could be throwing when he’s deeper into the season and as he physically matures:

•   The solution isn’t “just make the pitchers get better at hitting”:

•   I mean, heck, really absorb that graph for a moment. Pitchers were way below league average hitters IN THE EIGHTEEN FREAKING HUNDREDS. And they’ve only gotten MUCH WORSE SINCE THEN.

•   The Bulls had a great one last night, and you should be following (hit those like and follow buttons my friends!):

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.