Trevor Bauer Pitched With an Eye Closed and Plunked a Batter

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Trevor Bauer Pitched With an Eye Closed and Plunked a Batter

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Trevor Bauer got some ATTENTION earlier this week, pitching with one eye closed – and making sure folks knew he did it by tweeting about it – saying it was something about challenging himself or something.

From Dodger Blue:

“I figure if they can’t score off me with one eye open, it’s going to be difficult to score off me with two eyes open,” he explained.

“Just having a little bit of fun.”

Bauer acknowledged there was a specific reason to the peculiar practice, but added, “If I wanted to share, I definitely would’ve already.” The 30-year-old later offered some insight by explaining the challenging circumstance can ultimately be beneficial.

“I like making myself uncomfortable and throwing different stuff my way and trying to find a solution for it. I think that’s how you improve,” Bauer said. “You find a way to make yourself uncomfortable, get comfortable with it and do it again.”

So it’s just a little bit of fun, but is also a secret that he doesn’t want to share. OK. Cool.

But much less cool is that Bauer tried the schtick again in his latest outing, but this time, he actually plunked a guy:

When I made my joke, I assumed there was no chance Bauer was actually out there doing it again, walking three guys and plunking another with one of his eyes closed. Who would do that? Who would risk injuring a batter to do that?

Well, now we know who. For what it’s worth, Bauer suggested that this time it wasn’t an intentional-screwing-around deal, but was him trying to work through that eye not focusing well. Maybe. Maybe not. He certainly celebrated his LAST appearance with one eye closed, though.

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