Are the Cubs Projected to Be Terrible? How Wrigleyville is Doing, Needing Baseball, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Are the Cubs Projected to Be Terrible? How Wrigleyville is Doing, Needing Baseball, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Wasn’t Godzilla always waaaaay bigger than King Kong? I know nothing about the new movie, and I understand the two historic monsters have faced each other in other flicks over the years. But am I crazy, or weren’t they traditionally on very different size scales?

•   By the final FanGraphs projections before the season begins, the Cubs are projected to be … pretty bad:

•   Only ten teams in baseball are projected for a worse record than the Cubs at FanGraphs, and all but five of those teams are within five wins of the Cubs. In other words, by these projections, the on-paper Cubs are clearly better than only the Pirates, Rockies, Orioles, Rangers, and Tigers.

•   The variance on the Cubs, as we’ve said, is extremely high, so it’s not as if a terrible record like that would surprise me. But similarly, because of all the bounce-back potential and the possibility that the rotation winds up sneaky good, a 90+ win season wouldn’t shock me either. I’ve been less interested in the standings projections this year for that reason – it’s really hard to peg what these Cubs will be, given that we know not only is that variance high, we also know it could be exacerbated to the downside if they sell off in July.

•   Bounce back, Javy, please and thanks:

•   Sara Sanchez took a walk around Wrigley Field to survey the state of things in advance of the Opener, and it just remains a very odd time right now. At least Wrigley Field is still wonderful:

•   Not that there aren’t some ope moments around the park right now:

•   As for the neighborhood as a whole, it’s gone a year and a half without baseball fans – and the added vibrance and revenue that brings – and Scott Powers and Patrick Mooney wrote about how things are. Even as some fans come back, it’s dire for the many businesses in the area:

•   Reading that piece, I’m kinda getting emotional. I love going to games at Wrigley Field and watching the Cubs play baseball. But so much of the experience for me has always been about the people I was with – people I already knew, people I was just meeting in the bleachers – and how we’d go to a Wrigleyville bar or restaurant before the game, then we’d go watch the game together, and then we’d go to a bar after the game (usually with a suddenly larger group of new friends). I miss that experience so much. And it pains me to know, even as fans return to games, the reality is that particular experience won’t be back for a while yet.

•   But, hey, I just got my first dose of the vaccine yesterday, with the second scheduled for April 20. So when you see me in Wrigleyville in May, you KNOW I will be up for beers and high fives and hugs. We have to get back to that life at some point. Soon. I need it.

•   Big time this:

•   Are you kidding me with this pitch:

•   Now I will ONLY capitalize the P:

Author: Brett Taylor

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