Houston Astros Reportedly Complained to MLB About Other Teams' Fans Taunting Them

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Houston Astros Reportedly Complained to MLB About Other Teams’ Fans Taunting Them

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The Houston Astros, who cheated their way to a World Series win in 2017, who avoided significant punishment for their baseball crimes, who barely apologized, who faced no fan backlash after their schemes were revealed in 2020 because of the pandemic, and who cast themselves as the victims in all of this, are taking things to yet another level.

The Astros have reportedly complained to Major League Baseball about the grief they’ve received this year from fans while on the road:

According to Stephanie Apstein’s report in SI, about the Astros’ first trip to Yankee Stadium since the sign-stealing scandal broke:

When he arrived wearing the costume and carrying a sign reading YOU AIN’T STEALING THIS COSTUME TRASHTROS, he drew laughs and cameras. Unfortunately, he also drew attention from security. “Our policy changed,” he said the guard told him. Taub said the guard added that the Astros had complained to MLB about fans in other cities, and MLB had told the Yankees to tighten their rules. (Officials from the Astros and the commissioner’s office said they were unaware of any such complaints or directives.)

Unaware. Mmhmm.

So now when heroes try to remind the Astros of their cheating – and the impact it had on other teams – they might be stopped because it could hurt the Astros’ feelings.

Author: Brett Taylor

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