Wrigley Field Capacity Is Increasing to 60 Percent This Month!

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The Cubs Are Increasing Wrigley Field Capacity to 60 Percent Later This Month!

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Excellent, excellent news, my friends. I am just so thoroughly excited about this. With the vaccine rollout WELL underway across the country, the City of Chicago is continuing to open up. And lucky for us, that means the Wrigley Field capacity is increasing even higher – and earlier in the season – than I think even the most optimistic among us would have anticipated.

Here’s Jesse Rogers with the scoop:

Wrigley Field capacity to 60%!? In just over two weeks!? Oh, yes!

That report came just moments after the White Sox announced the same increase starting on May 24th. The Sox also announced that they will have vaccinated-only sections, without social distancing, for fans who can prove they’ve been vaccinated upon entering the stadium. I haven’t seen the Cubs official announcement yet (I’m sure it’ll be out momentarily, and I’ll share it here), but perhaps they’ll do something similar.

The White Sox, like the Cardinals and Yankees (and others), are also trying their bet to incentivize people to get the vaccine, which is a great idea. The more people that get it, the closer we are to heard immunity, and the safer those of us who cannot get the vaccine for legitimate reasons will be.

If you’re looking at the schedule ahead, you’ll notice that the Cubs have one more home stand (a four-game series against the Nationals) of more limited capacity before things really open up against the Reds at the end of the month.

Perhaps we can be at full (or near-full) Wrigley Field capacity again by mid-season (that was evidently the plan, remember?)

I know the gang – Brett, Luis, Eli, Mario, Bryan, and I – are all itching to get to a game together, so I really hope Wrigley does one of those vaccinated sections. Ah. I’m so amped. This is great news.

UPDATE: Here it is. Wrigley Field capacity. 60%. This month.

UPDATE 2: The Cubs are also doing a “vaccinated only” section in center field for the earlier home stand against the Nationals. Fans still need to wear a mask in that section (unless they’re eating or drinking), though, and its not entirely clear if that section will remain vaccinated only beyond that series (though I’m sure the Cubs would love to continue selling as many tickets as possible). If you’re planning to go to the game in that section, remember to bring proof of your vaccination as well as an ID.

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